Camp X60
X60 opened for its first summer program in 2011.The camp is a result of seeing a need (and God providing a burden) for young men (grades 9 -12) who are growing up in our world today. Most boys never experience the true meaning of being in “the great outdoors or being challenged to live the life God would have them to live. This camp offers the physical challenge of long distance backpacking, biking, and canoeing while mixing in the spiritual challenge of walking into manhood in the foot- steps of Jesus Christ. We begin and end each day with devotions and feature a daily session to emphasize how we become godly men in a world that teaches us otherwise.

This camp was created and ran by Jeff Carter.
Jeff is an expert outdoorsman, logging over 1,600 miles on the Appalachian Trail and organizing / leading many wilderness expeditions for the Boy Scouts of America (North Carolina) since the 1990s.  Jeff designed and oversees this extreme sixty miles of adventure that combines hiking, camping, biking, and canoeing with an emphasis on spiritual growth and maturity. Get ready for an amazing week!

Day 1 After meeting at Harvest Baptist Church in Burlington, NC,

we will travel to our base camp, Pine Mountain Retreat, in the remote hills of Wilkes County, NC. There we will have our opening orientation, a friendly “get-to-know ya” session, & finish up the day with a big campfire & cookout.

Day 2 Backpacking training, packing, and travel to the natural beauty of Virginia’s highest mountains — for our first night on the magnificent

Appalachian Trail (nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains).

Day 3 A full day of backpacking on one of the most gorgeous sections of the Appalachian Trail (Grayson Highlands and Mt. Rogers in Virginia).

Day 4 Beginning with a partial day of backpacking across Whitetop Mountain (VA), we next bike on the exquisite Virginia Creeper Trail

ending the day exploring Tennessee’s remarkable Backbone Rock.

Day 5 The day begins by traveling to an amazing all-you-can-eat

breakfast feast at Shatley Springs Inn (in Ashe County, NC) followed by a full day of canoeing the world’s second oldest river, the pristine New River. Camping that night will be at the rustic New River State Park.

Day 6 After completing our river miles, we journey back to the cozy Pine Mountain Retreat for an afternoon of relaxing followed by a final

huge campfire & cookout session that night.
Day 7 Pack up and return to Harvest Baptist Church in Burlington, NC.

For more information on how your son can take part in this amazing week of camp, contact Jeff Carter.

Contact Person: Jeff Carter


Phone: (336) 302-0785 / (336) 584-1209

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